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In fuse holder, the fuse base and fuse carrier are made of highest grade phenolic moulding confirming to IS : 1300 which have lightness non-hygroscopic, non-inflameable and good tracking resistance properties. The carrier contacts are made of phosphor bronze to give good springiness throughout the service life. The spring action holds the fuse firmly giving good electrical contact and prevents the fuse carrier from coming out of fuse-base due to vibration.
  Fully conforms to IS : 13703, 1993
Fully interchangeable with compatible brands
With drawable force within the limits of IS.
Fuse bases are in three version viz : Bakelite, DMC & Porcelein.
Size : 00,1,2 and 3
Ratings : 160A,250A,400A and 630 A.
Insulated DMC bases having impact strength, anti-tracking properties, non-inflammable and non-hygroscopic.
Silver plated copper contacts for better conductivity and low temperature rise.
Special steel springs for better grip and uniform contact pressure.
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
415-V AC
  Size 00 160A  
  Size 01 250A  
  Size 02 400A  
  Size 03 800A  
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