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In fuse holder, the fuse base and fuse carrier are made of highest grade phenolic moulding confirming to IS : 1300 which have lightness non-hygroscopic, non-inflameable and good tracking resistance properties. The carrier contacts are made of phosphor bronze to give good springiness throughout the service life. The spring action holds the fuse firmly giving good electrical contact and prevents the fuse carrier from coming out of fuse-base due to vibration.
  Range : FFB, FFDM, FFPO 20, 32, 63 & 100A
Aperture giving visible indication of operation of HBC fuselinks in mounted position.
Carrier contact spin-rivetted and fitted in the moulding to ensure perfect alignment with the base contacts.
Brass base contact block with adequate cable hole to accomodate aluminium conductors.
Advisable to use crimping type socket or soldering socket when connecting aluminium cable.
Aluminium conductors can also be directly pinched in the terminal bore of the fuse fitting by adopting the following procedure:-
  The individual stand of the cable should be spread-out and cleaned with wirewool or emery paper. The cleaned surface should be coated with a thin layer of suitable oxide inhibiting grease.
The cables may be terminated using the right size of screw driver for the grub screws and tightened fully.
Over tightening of use of bigger screws driver should be avoided.
At regular intervals tightness may be checked with the right screw driver.
Should the conductors be disturbed from the terminal bore, it is desirable to remake the connections.
  1. Type FFB, FFDM, FFPO  
  2. Rated Voltage : 415V A.C. 50 Hz  
  3. Rated Current : 2A to 100A  
  4. Class of Operation : gll in accordance with IS :13703 Part I & II, IEC : 269 & BS : 88  
  5. Confirms to : IS : 13703 Part - I & II  
    IEC - 269 - II BS : 88  
  6. Breaking Capacity : 80 KA at 415 V A.C. 50 Hz  
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