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The fuse link body is made of special steatite, which is resistant to alternating temperatures.
The indicator on the front plate clearly indicated the switching condition. The indicator operates reliably upto a voltage of 10V.
The contact blades are made up of electrolytic copper and are silver plated. The fuse elements is directly welded to the blades. The simple rugged design of type SQD fuse links guarantees reliability even in severe ambient conditions.

Resistance level : Current rating of fuse links should not be less than the full load current of the circuit.
Inductive load : Fuse links should be selected by motors considering starting transients.
Cable protection
Motor circuit protection
Transformer protection
Capacitor protection
Semi conductor protection
Household protection
Florescent lighting
Switch disconnector fuse units.
Range 2A to 800A, Knife/Din type, BS/Bolted type, HTHF cylindrical type.
Capable of interrupting very high breaking capacity upto 80kA.
Reduced electromagnetic stress as a result of low cut off current to protect device adequately.
Reduced thermal stress because of lower let through fault energy to eliminate mechanical damages.
Reduced power consumption because of low watt losses.
Suitable for motor starting and switching ON power transformer due to superior withstand capacity.
Tamper proof characteristic.
Good discrimination between major and minor fuse rating.
For special applications special fuselink characterstics are made available.
There is no emission of gas or flames in operation.
Very economical protection device.
Breaking Range & Utilization categary - gG
Rated Breaking Capacity - 80kA at 41 5V AC 50 Hz
Performance remain unaltered through out the service life.
Ensure Continuity of Supply to healthy circuit in the events of faults as the specially designed elements provide positive discrimination.
Fully interchangeable with compatible Brands.
Designed to suit Indian & tropical climatic conditions.
Hitech HRC FUSE LINKS have current limiting effect. They interrupt the short circuit while it is increasing and do not allow the current to reach it's peak value.
The peak cut off current as a function of prospective short circuit is given in Fig (1)

Hitech HRC FUSE LINKS have hybrid current time characteristics with a time lag in overload region and quick response in short circuit region with Virtual pre-arching time as a function of prospective current is given in Fig (2)
Thus the fuse link do not operate on momentary over loads but at the same time ensure that the heavy short circuit currents are cleared quicky. The fuse can be used with the advantage for all types of loads, fluctuating & steady type.
POWER LOSS & TEMPERATURE RISE : Hitech HRC FUSE links have a low power loss and temperature rise. They comply with the demands of consumers for low loss. It also comply with the stipulations laid down in IS:13703 part 2 section 1.
Size Code Current in AMPERES 'A' Power Loss
Maximum value as per IS:13703 Part II Watts Measured value of
hitch Fuse Links Watts
SQD000 63 12 7.0
SQD0O 125 14 8.0
SQD0 200 26 18.0
SQD01 250 32 21.0
SQD02 400 45 32.0
SQD03 630 60 50.0

While preparing fuse selection chart (Table-1) for the protection of 3-phase induction motor, following assumption were made:
  1. Direction online starter: Starting current = 7 x motor full load current for 10sec.
  2. Star-delta starter: Starting current = 3.5 x motor full load current for 20 sec.
  3. For calculation of full load motor current, average efficiency, and power factors of induction motors were taken as per table-II
BHP of motor Alternating Efficiency 3pase Power Facter
1 0.70 0.77
5 0.81 0.82
10 1.85 0.85
20 0.85 0.85
75 and 0.86 0.86
Large 0.87 0.87
Note: Considering our non-stop efforts to introduce and incorporate latest technology, dimensions and specifications mentioned above may changed without pure notice and obligation.
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